Why You Should Choose These Paint Kits

With so many painting crafts on the market, it’s hard to decide which one is the best for you. You may want something that is entertaining, has easy to follow instructions and half resembles something when you’re finished. Maybe you’re looking for something that lasts a long time and is good quality. Perhaps you want to share it with others or extend it over multiple nights. One Tree Orchard has the best paint kits on the market and I’m excited to tell you why.

  1. No extra purchases. You don’t need to purchase anything additional when you buy our paint kits. They come with everything you need to make beautiful painted masterpieces. Each kit comes with concrete pieces (3 or 6 depending on the size), 2 paintbrushes and 6 acrylic paints.
  2. Unique designs. We offer unique designs that aren’t found anywhere else. Our designs are meant to spark interest and creativity in any age. From unicorns to dinosaurs and seasonally themed paint kits (Halloween, Christmas and Valentines to name a few), we have something that will spark interest for everyone.
  3. Handmade. The concrete is poured, released, stamped and packaged by hand. Each kit has a lot of care put into it.
  4. High quality materials. We use quality materials with sustainability in mind. Concrete is incredibly durable and strong and won’t break down in weather or play. Our paint is non-toxic and also withstands the elements. All of our packaging is recyclable or reusable.
  5. Less intimidating to start. Some people find being creative hard, and I get it. It feels like a lot of pressure to “create” something or think outside the box. I love our paint kits because they’re a baby step in the creative direction. There isn’t a massive empty canvas in front of you that you’re scared to start and make a mistake on. The concrete pieces are small and have a design on them. This allows people to feel less risk when starting and if they mess up, they haven’t invested substantial time, can move on to a new piece or can cover it up with another layer of paint. 
  6. Customer service. Our customer support is top notch. Being a small business owner has its advantages, and providing exceptional customer service is one of them. I take pride in the service I can provide for people. I want to answer all of your questions and requests in a timely manner and I want to exceed your expectations. Whether it’s a home delivery on my way to work, custom requests, or an additional little goodie in your package, I’m happy to help and do my best to accommodate.
  7. Paint colors. We’re often complimented on our pastel paint palette as it’s different from other crafts that typically supply the traditional paint colors. Each themed paint kit comes with its own paint palette for the season and there are several options for additional paint purchases.
  8. Supplemental Activities. If painting is what you want, I got you but I also wanted to extend this craft into other play areas, so I’ve created supplemental activities for some of the paint kits. When I was on maternity leave, having themed weeks helped me organize my schedule with my kids and I appreciated people who provided those ideas so I wanted to provide that type of structure for my customers as well. 
  9. Easy to share. All of the paint kits come with 6 paints, 2 paintbrushes and either 3 or 6 concrete pieces. This makes it incredibly easy to share a paint kit with others. It could be used for a playdate, a birthday party, a morning activity with the siblings or a paint night at home with the whole family.
  10. Great for all ages. Creativity can and should be expressed in multiple ways at every age. Painting is a great way to not only be creative but also for embracing self expression, encouraging mindfulness and making time for self care.

Reviewing this list actually makes me so proud of this product. Seeing the photos you all share with me proves that these reasons for loving the paint kits are real. It’s amazing seeing a love for crafts and being creative as a common interest amongst such a diverse group of people. 

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