Our Products


All of our candles are hand poured in small batches to ensure high quality. They are made with cotton wicks and free of paraffin wax. It is important that I am honest transparent with my ingredients. While researching waxes, I found it hard to find a wax with no paraffin. A lot of suppliers will advertise as soy/coconut blends and exclude paraffin from their description. Oftentimes, candles will say they're made with a soy/coconut blend, and part of that blend is paraffin wax. 
Paraffin wax is a petroleum byproduct that releases toxins into the environment when burned. If you think of burning a candle in your home and how the fragrance fills the room, the same can be said for the products that paraffin wax produces during combustion. 
Soy and coconut wax are renewable and burn clean. The burn time in a candle is significantly greater for soy and coconut wax versus a traditional paraffin wax candle, so your candle will last longer and burn cleaner. 


While concrete seems fairly straightforward, there are several important requirements to make a finished product that can withstand high heat. This same process is used in all of our concrete products. 
Products are made in small batches. The consistency of concrete, temperature and humidity all play important roles. The concrete initially hardens, is then sanded and water bathed. It will then cure for over a week and is finally sealed with a non toxic, water based sealant.