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Concrete Vase

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Handcrafted unique concrete vase. Use as a decorative piece alone or add dried flowers. Can be used as a planter or for real flowers but a waterproof insert is recommended for easy cleaning. 

Dimensions: 3.5" diameter, 5 7/8" tall

* Please note that no concrete items will be exactly the same as they are made by hand. Slight colour variations, finish and characteristics such as air bubbles can occur during production and are unavoidable due to the nature of concrete. 


Unique, minimalistic handcrafted item

Water based non toxic protective sealant applied on the inside/top of concrete to help prevent staining and scratches


Concrete is a very porous material. The inside is sealed with a water based sealant and is waterproof but the outside is susceptible to staining. Do not submerge in water and clean with a damp cloth if needed.